About OpenBlu

What is this service about?

This service was created by Intellivoid, the VPN Servers available in OpenBlu are not hosted by Intellivoid but rather a small community of volunteers from which OpenBlu discovers and lists here publicly on this Web Application

Any issues with VPN Servers are not the responsibility of Intellivoid.

This service is provided entirely for free without any applied restrictions other than your own limitations, you should be able to connect to ANY VPN Server for free using any device using a OpenVPN Client. Intellivoid will never charge for access to OpenBlu VPN Servers.

The only paid services from OpenBlu is API Access which allows developers to write clients that retrieves server listings from OpenBlu and individual server configurations. The purpose of the API is just to retrieve information from OpenBlu's publicly available VPN Servers.

If you want to keep this service alive and see future improvements you should consider donating to Intellivoid or purchasing an API Subscription.